Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Enjoy an Informative Evening April 25th at 7PM: No Charge

Looking for a no cost evening packed with good information about the permaculture process, stewardship, landscape management and reducing our impact? FIRST mark your calendar for April 25th at 7PM and then… read on.

“Our Forested Commons: A Permaculture Perspective on Land-Use and Stewardship in the Pacific Northwest.” An evening with Kelda Miller, in association with the Pierce County Reads book of the year, The Big Burn.

Reading The Big Burn invites us to not just understand our history, but to think about our common resources going into the future. ‘Permaculture’ is the study and design of landscapes that sustainably meet (but don’t overreach) human needs. This talk by Kelda Miller will introduce the permaculture ‘zones of use’ and then focus on Zone 4. This ‘commons’ zone is where we hold forests and wildlands in trust for future generations, but also wisely steward, wildcraft, manage, harvest, restore, and learn from nature. Humans are intrinsically a part of ecosystems, as evidenced by sustainable ecologies from all over the world, many of them maintained through fire. We will talk about theory in landscape management, practical reduction of our ecological footprint, and projects in Pierce County that hold many possibilities. Encouraged reading before this talk, besides of course The Big Burn, is also 1491 by Charles Mann and The Woodland Way by Ben Law.

This event will be April 25 at Gig Harbor Library at 7pm.

Free event and no pre-registration is required. See you there!

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