Monday, August 29, 2011

Donkey Creek Chum Festival

"It takes a fish to raise a village." On Saturday, October 8, 2011, from 10am-5pm at the Harbor History Museum, we will be celebrating the role of salmon in Gig Harbor's past and present. Come watch kayak racing, eat a chum burger, paint a fish, and find out the latest on the City of Gig Harbor's Donkey Creek day-lighting project. There is no fair quite like this one.


Lu Winsor Grants for Local Environmental Projects

Grant funds are available for organizations, schools, and individuals to work collaboratively with the Key Peninsula-Gig Harbor-Islands (KGI) Watershed Council on drainage, water quality, and/or habitat issues within our watershed. Such projects may include watershed education, enhancement and restoration activities, and/or purchase of equipment and supplies. The maximum grant amount is $2,000.00 per project, but you are encouraged to apply for less if your project requires a much smaller amount. These grants are funded by Pierce County Public Works and Utilities, Surface Water Management Division and Peninsula Light Company's Green Choice Program.

Grant materials are available under the Current Events/Announcements section on the KGI Watershed Council website:

Grant applications are due October 14th, 2010, 4:00 PM.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Car Wash Kits Available

One of the more popular fundraising activities in Pierce County is the Car Wash. This has proven to be a fun, easy, and effective way for youth-oriented groups to support their programs. Unfortunately, there is a down side; when a car is washed on paved surfaces, the soap, automotive fluids, oil and roadway dirt goes into nearby storm drains. Water in storm drains flows directly into lakes, wetlands, streams and Puget Sound with little or no treatment.

However, Pierce County Surface Water Management has a solution that allows your group to raise money and protect Puget Sound at the same time; just borrow a free Fish-Friendly Car Wash Kit. The Fish-Friendly Car Wash Kit is easy to use and helps keep toxic car wash runoff from entering our waters. Each kit comes with a catch basin insert, submersible pump, garden hose, extension cord, instructions, and a sign identifying the car wash as fish-friendly. You can borrow a kit free of charge for your event by contacting Pierce County Surface Water Management at 253-798-2725. If you host more than five car washes a year, you may even apply to keep a kit.