Friday, March 4, 2011

Pier Into the Night with Harbor Wildwatch, March 19th

Harbor Wildwatch is hosting another of their wonderful Pier Into the Night events! Mark your calendar for March 19th "about" 7:30 PM! Folks will be peering into the night waters from Jerisich Dock in downtown Gig Harbor to see what lurks below.

Once darkness descends on the harbor, lights are placed in the water around the dock drawing out all manner of water creatures. Buckets are used to safely bring up samples. Harbor Wildwatch volunteers will be on hand with identification and information about the visiting creatures.

In past Harbor Wildwatch Pier Into the Night events all kinds of expected and surprising marine invertebrates have shown up. You may see jellyfish, squid, tube worms, sea slugs, shrimp and more, in addition to any number of interesting fish.

Grab your jackets and spend an evening seeing things in a whole new light.

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